Recreation near Žurranes

There are many interesting and historical places near Žurranes.

We can assist you to plan short, medium or long hiking tours or if you choose to go for a drive instead.

The Westfjords Travel Association has puplished seven hiking- and travel maps that covers the whole area of the Westfjords in Iceland.
Each map has severals hiking path descriptions, both in English and Icelandic. The maps covers appr. 350 hiking paths in the whole area, plus other useful informations.
See The Westfjords Travel Association website

There are two swimmingpools near by Žurranes.
The Selltement museum in Laugar in Sęlingsdalur is interesting and also the Viking museum at Eirķkstašir in Haukadalur. A tour with the ferry Baldur sailing at Breišafjöršur visiting the island Flatey is also a great idea. Ferry Baldur website

For more information contact Ólafur or Ingunn at Žurranes.

Hiking tours ideas:

From Žurranes over to Hvammsdalur

From Žurranes up Belgsdalur

To Žverfellsbrśn and down Ölfusgjį (rather steep route!) to Žurranes

From Žurranes, up Belgsdalur and up to Illvita

From Žurranes to Laugar in Sęlingsdalur

West Tours website

Driving ideas:

Ekiš fyrir strandir

Skaršsströnd - Fellsströnd - Hvammssveit - Svķnadalur (a circle).

Circle around Gilsfjöršur

Stop by Ólafsdalur, walk up to Gullfoss by Kleifar.

Drive to Baršaströnd to Brjįnslękur

Sailng with ferry Baldur over Breišafjöršur to Stykkishólmur and the drive back to Žurranes.
You can also stop at Flatey in Breišafjöršur between Baldurs routes.

Dalir to Snęfellsnes

Ólafur and Ingunn at Žurranes are happy to assist you to plan your trip.